network services

By means of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can outsource your network operations fully. For this, we will provide you with scalable bandwidths, which allow individual customization of your requirements. We assure 
you of failure-free security and high performance thru our fast backbone connection.

Using your own VPN you can link different locations of your company and thus build your own reliable network for the company. A VPN allows you to maintain a cost-effective constant linking to your offshore employees, branch offices and Home Offices. The VPN is an ideal medium for communication with and over the Internet.

it-soft can build and operate a VPN solution for your organization. We meet the highest of the standards in respect to quality, transfer-rate and operational security. Take full advantage of our broadband connectivity to the most important Internet nodal points.

You receive from us and from our hi-performance partners individualized network concepts of any business line. Over and above this, we can offer you also solutions for your network and system management and support you in integrating communication services like e-mail, fax, ISDN and ATM.