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network services

Today globalization has caused steadily increasing demands on network systems. Many corporate companies conduct their operations with their partners, therefore, not only locally but also all over the world thru data cables. In corporate companies data must be available at all times, so that they can respond to their customers optimally. Consequently, a network becomes the backbone for all corporate communications.

Over and above planning and implementation of new and existing networks, it is always important to include new technologies like Internet/Intranet, telephony over data networks, electronic commerce, electronic mail, video-conferencing, Gigabit Ethernet into planning. 

At any cost, you should not fall for experiments. Instead, you can rely on secure network solutions and a competent partner.


Our experienced technical workforce is all set to build for you an individualized network solution that you can depend on. Our strength is network products of the best quality, always.

it-soft offers the following network services to its customers:

  • Professional consulting service
  • Deliver individual components
  • Installation, migration and maintenance of networks (LAN/WAN)
  • Enhance performance
  • Setup Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Video/Voice/Fax over IP
  • Cable management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Security concepts
  • Workshops