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network security

If safe and fast communication is important for you, then you should consider setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This enables a flexible linking of company's networks thru an available Wide Area Network (WAN). 

VPN is ideal for a network aimed at security, since Tunneling mechanisms shield the private network traffic from other connections. VPN is hence externally not identifiable. In a VPN only authorized users have a password-protected access to the company's data. 


Moreover, it is always sensible to protect the local network against unauthorized access thru the Internet by employing a Firewall. The simplest method to do this is to place a Router between the Internet and the internal network for Packet filtering. The Firewall would verify then the origin of the incoming IP Packets and block or filter them if necessary.

We combine our Firewalls with the Proxy server and supplement other monitoring tools in order to prevent the website or your company data falling a prey to a Hacker intrusion.